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Company profile

Name ABES Co., Ltd.
Business Address Komazawa 2-12-3, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo  Tel. 03-5431-6371
Established November 1, 1996 (accounts closed at end of September)
Capital  50 million JPY
Main businesses (1) IT and medical related contract localization
(2) IT and medical related localization staff dispatch and recruitment
(3) Technical translator – patent translator training (ABES Technical Translation School)
Directors Representative Director and President, Junich ABE
Principal business partners A leading database software development company
A leading ERP software development company
A leading security software development company
A major foreign MLV translation company
A leading translation support software development company
A major foreign consumer product development company
A leading optical product development company
A leading Japanese MLV translation company
A leading medical apparatus development company
A leading medical software development company
Main bank

Mizuho Bank Aoyama Branch,
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Futakotamagawa Branch

Access Map

▪ A four minute walk from West Exit of Komazawa-daigaku station of the Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line
▪ Three stops from Shibuya, three stops from Futakotamagawa station.
▪ No express stop
▪ One ticket gate
▪ Exit the ticket gate and take the stairs on the right marked “West Exit”.
▪ At the top of the stairs, turn right (along Highway 246, also called “Tamagawa-dori”, in the direction of Yoga).
▪ Cross at the first set of traffic lights and continue onwards.
▪ The “Daiko Building” is on your right, just before you come to the pedestrian bridge.

Our corporate spirit and philosophy

Work to hone your own skills, set lofty goals, and engage yourself in the struggle to achieve those goals. The grand sum of employees who can continue the struggle towards such high goals will be seen as the true strength of the company.


November, 1996

Established at Komazawa 2-11-3, Setagaya-ku, with a paid in capital of 10 million JPY

March, 1997

Recapitalized to 15 million JPY

April, 1997 General Worker Dispatching Undertaking Licence obtained (Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare License No. Gen. – 13-070201)
December, 1997 Premises moved to Komazawa 2-11-1, to accommodate expansion of business
December, 1998

Recapitalized to 17 million JPY

January, 2000

Technical translator training business started, ABES Technical Translation School opened

April, 2005 Recruitment business license obtained (Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare License No. 13-yu-300502)
April, 2010

Recapitalized to 50 million JPY

May, 2012

World’s first ground breaking review of translation work system. Work area reduced and office relocated.

April, 2016

ISO17100 certification

Our logo

The ABES logo design features a dolphin. Compared with other creatures that live in the sea, dolphins are blessed with superior wisdom and judgement, and they live by communicating with each other. It is our aim to live like dolphins in the world of translation, striving to be a group of value-added professionals, and that is why we have chosen the dolphin as our logo.

We are proud that each of the role players at ABES is able to deliver high value-added service to the customer, with a professional’s sense of self-awareness and responsibility.

“Translation”, “School”, “Staffing service”, our triangle of service



ABES service supports the individual by providing the kind of service that matches their current translation ability. For translation beginners we offer our School, and for those with translation skills, we offer them the chance to utilize those skills as ABES employees, or as contract – dispatch employees, according to their needs. Following a step by step approach within our triangle system, we can help people to develop as highly skilled professionals.

And, for our corporate customers, we aim to respond to your needs for translation, translators, or the improvement of your employees’ translation skills.