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Starting from the challenge
Let’s describe ABES’ translation service in more detail by taking a look at some of the challenges that our clients often bring to us.

If you are facing the same challenges, please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help.
  • CASE
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  • Quality issue
  • The deliverables were of poor quality, and had to be re-translated.

The client’s problem
A translation company was asked to translate a manual from English, but the quality was not satisfactory. There were translation omissions and the passages were difficult to understand. Corrections and rewrites took a long time.

ABES’ solution
At ABES we have specialized in the translation of IT documents from English into Japanese for many years. Our translations and checks are performed by richly experienced translators and quality managers.

At ABES we perform two translation checks.

The first check focuses primarily on specified items. We conduct a formal check using translation support tools to make sure that there are no omissions and that the terminology used conforms to the specifications and glossary.

In the second check we are looking at the translation content. In this check we aim to unify translated terms that are not in the glossary, and to make the translation read as smoothly as possible. We also check whether there are any mistakes in the original English document.

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  • Quality issue
  • In a large volume translation job, translation consistency is a concern.

The client’s problem
When a large volume translation job is requested, there is a concern over consistency in translation and expression across multiple translators.

ABES’ solution
At ABES, when a job involves multiple translators, the translators check and reference each other’s work as they translate.

When a job involves multiple translators, we always use a TM server. The translator registers their translation into a translation memory within the TM sever.
By constantly referring to this translation memory as the work progresses, inconsistencies in translation can be kept to a minimum.

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  • Leveraging translation support tools
  • The client wants to make use of past translation assets

The client’s problem
In order to translate a revised version of a manual, the same terms and expressions as in past versions need to be used.

ABES’ solution
If there are existing versions of past translations, these can be entered into the translation support tool so that the same terms and expressions can be used in the new translation.

If a document has been translated in the past using TRADOS or another translation support tool, then we will ask the customer to give us access to the translation memory and glossary. Even if these data are not available, we can create them from the existing translation, so please feel free to contact us to find out how we can help.

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  • Translation advice
  • Who can we talk to?

The client’s problem
We want to order a translation, but we don’t know how to go about it.

ABES’ solution
If the location is within Tokyo and its suburbs, an experienced Project Manager will call on the customer to discuss the solution best suited to the customer’s needs.

Please feel free to call on us to discuss requests with fixed budgets and special instructions, etc. We will propose the solution best suited to your needs.

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  • Handling of data
  • Information leakage is a concern

The client’s problem
Until now, we’ve always done the translation in-house. But this time we just physically cannot meet the deadline, so we’re considering outsourcing the job. However, we are worried about the leakage of confidential information.

ABES’s solution
The system implemented by ABES allows translation work to be carried out in a physically secure environment.

In recent years, more and more clients are concerned about information leakage.
At ABES we have implemented a secure system that uses SSL-VPN so that even translators working from home can translate in a physically secure environment.

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