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We, at ABES, have strengths in a  personnel training system made up of  three divisions, the Staffing, Translation and School businesses. We make every effort to provide you with job opportunities depending on your needs, providing a school for beginners,and sending experienced applicants to work as translators or on-site staff, under the ABES triangle system.





  • Staff service

A wide variety of language specialists ranging from translators and interpreters to DTP operators, linguists, bilingual secretaries and office workers are registered in ABES Human Resource Service Center.


翻訳 Translation Staff 通訳 Interpretation Staff バイリンガルスタッフ Bilingual Staff
・翻訳者 Translator
・レビューア Reviewer
・チェッカー Checker
・DTPオペレーター DTP Operator
・通訳派遣 In-house Interpreter
・受託通訳サービス Freelance Interpreter
・英文事務 Office Clerk
・秘書 Bilingual Secretary
・リングイスト Linguist
・ナレーター Narrator


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Contact 03-5431-6371





  • Staff service

ABES has been widely recognized as a translation company that specializes in IT-related fields. We have a proven track record in the temporary staffing and personnel placement business, specializing in localization. Consequently, we have built a trusting relationship with software manufacturers and translation companies. In recent years, we have been expanding into areas such as medicine, finance, accounting and marketing so we can meet a wide range of language-related needs.



Contact 03-5431-6371