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  • Reasons to choose ABES

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  • Introduction to courses

  • Courses
  • From beginner to advanced level, we have a total of 30 translation training courses. You are guaranteed to find the course that suits your needs.
  • Step-up plan
  • We have Recommended Courses, tailored to the type of job you are looking for.

  • Counselling service
  • “I don’t know which course would be good for me.” “I want to find more translation work.” Our trained counsellors are ready to advise on all your professional concerns.

  • HOW TO
  • The ABES learning method

  • Hear what current and former students have to say
  • These are the comments of some of our students and graduates.
  • How to apply
  • This easy to follow guide will take you through all the steps, from initial application and work introduction, to selection and starting work.

  • Training materials and correction examples
  • Take a few moments to browse actual correction examples. The comments can be easily understood, even by beginner technical translators.
  • FAQ
  • Take a look at these frequently asked questions from people who are considering taking a course, and our replies.